About us

We are happy to share with you our brand new exclusive silk carrés collection!
Our passion: twisting  the silk carré codes, to create endless uniqueness and originality.
Our perception of the silk carré: a unique accessory offering infinite matching possibilities!
Through time, all the most famous icons have worn it. It sublimates everything in subtlety.
Know more about who is behind Ivre de Soie as well as our silk squares manufacturing characteristics in here and right here.

Selection & Production process

A careful selection of partners and suppliers to obtain a top quality silk, woven with the utmost care, as well as a careful finish, hand rolled to achieve a unique end product.
An exclusive production and limited editions (50 to 150 pieces maximum per design per size).
Designs of our own inspiration. The drawings are often inspired by artistic techniques, ethnic motifs or even particular meanings (mandalas ..), depending on the collection and our mood!
Four different collections so far, inspired by thematic, specific universes and which are found in the colors used, the patterns and the way to wear it, but again all mix and match combinations are allowed!
More ideas on how to wear and knot your square are available in our Look-book.