Our tips!

The silk square 10 care-taking rules:

  1. Dry clean or gentle hand wash
  2. Never put your silk square in the washing machine
  3. Do not wring, twist, or rub the silk square while washing
  4. Never put your square in the dryer
  5. Never expose to direct sunlight
  6. Don’t iron your silk square when it is dry
  7. Never iron on high heat
  8. Never use harsh chemicals on your square (bleach, perfume, etc.)
  9. Don’t wash with other colors
  10. Never store your square in a damp place
Useful tips
Day to day
Always remember not to spray perfume onto it too. Substances containing alcohol will damage silk fabric. So let your perfume and hairspray dry before dressing
Outside of dry cleaning, the best method by far is hand washing in a delicate mild detergent water. It is much gentler on silk.
Sitting the square in the water should be for a brief period of only about a half of a minute to a full minute, and you should move it around while it is in the water.
Do not use soap for washing silk because the alkalines will damage the fabric. Use a mild detergent like a wool wash and cool water to hand wash.
Rinse carefully in water of the same cool temperature, then remove excess moisture by patting the square between dry towels for example, or lay your square on a towel and roll the towel; this will eliminate a good amount of dampness so it can dry.
If you see stains like make-up or oil on the square, do some pretreating of those areas before hand-washing. Apply a dab of the mild detergent directly to the stained spot. Work it into the fabric with your fingers. Allow the detergent to work for at least fifteen minutes before you continue washing the entire square.
After you have removed as much moisture as possible with the towels, the silk should be air dried. NEVER place silk in an automatic dryer even on low heat. Do not hang silks in the sun which can cause fading or place them near any source of heat, but do dry them as quickly as possible. Rapid drying in front of an electric fan prevents formation of watermarks and helps retain the glossy finish. Avoid using a metal hanger because they could leave rust stains on the square.
Never use high heat when ironing silk. Make sure iron is set on ‘cool’. 
If you must remove wrinkles on your silk square, never iron it while it is dry. Silk should be damp when pressed. Use a warm-cool (never hot!) iron and press on the wrong side using a piece of clean white cloth between the silk and the iron. Don’t spot damp either, as these could create circle or round marks that are ugly. 
Remove wrinkles
Minor silk wrinkles should disappear if the garment is hung overnight.
Stubborn wrinkles can be removed with a cool iron set on "silk ».
Better yet, hang your silk garment in the bathroom during a shower. Humidity will remove the wrinkles for you!
Silk is a natural fiber. Keep your square in airtight containers or boxes that are clean and dry, or simply hang it in an airy, clean and dry space.
Always store your square in a dry place. Be sure the square is completely clean and use lavender to repel clothes eating insects which can attack the natural fiber silk.
Travel tips
Pack your silk garments as you would any other clothing. Simply hang the garment after unpacking. Minor wrinkles should disappear overnight.